Hazel Soul

Hazel Soul Apothecary is a Herbal Medicine Clinic where Herbalism, Iridology and Vitalist Nutrition are practiced in synergy according to the Master Herbalism tradition.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine is the oldest form of healing, where the healer harnesses the healing energy in plants to support patients in their personal health journeys. The Master Herbalist is trained to take into consideration the organism as a whole, including the strict connection between mind and body. Iridology (the reading of the iris of the eye) is used by the Master Medical Herbalist as an assessment tool to do so.

Master Herbalism

The tradition of Master Herbalism is based on the life’s work of the world-renowned herbalist Dr. John Ray Christopher. His extraordinary results with herbal medicine are due in part to his emphasis on dietary detoxification based on a living food diet and on taking into account the spiritual nature of people and the centrality of emotions and thinking in the healing process.

The client therefore will receive personalized advice regarding nutrition, natural therapies, lifestyle and stress management. Furthermore, because iridology can point to areas of the body that need strengthening and detoxification. The Master Herbalist will be well guided in giving tailored herbal remedies that will specifically address your areas of need.

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After the treatment, I had no symptoms for months, only a headache one morning and it went away with a regular painkiller. No doubt I got so much better. In truth, this was the best treatment!

Ivana / treated for strong recurrent migraines

I feel great when I take your herbs, they have a huge impact on how my body works with ease. My favourite is the tea, got a large pot for Christmas, I even enjoy drinking it cold. We have completely reduced amount of meat and dairy in our home and I feel it gives me more energy.


After taking the bowel cleanse and kidney teas I did find a big difference and felt very good and healthy. I have lost weight on the detox which is great and I’ve also been releasing caught up emotions.

Katherine / treated with a personalized detox