Herbs to support and detox the kidneys

In natural healing detoxing is at the base of any treatment, therefore our eliminative organs need specific attention and support.
Herbs to cleanse the kidneys are called “diuretics” meaning that they increase the excretion and flow of urine. They support overworked kidneys, cleansing them and helping to reduce fluid retention, and get rid of uric acid, alkalizing the body as a result.
When the body is in an acidic state, it shifts towards disease, so it’s important to make sure we alkalize as much as possible. I usually prescribe diuretics when, using iridology, I see a yellow overlay in the iris picture, which points out to a build-up of uric acid.
It is essential to understand that hydration plays the most important role in detoxing and supporting the kidneys. Never take diuretic herbs if hydration is not optimal.
I also always add demulcent herbs to my kidney teas to prevent inflammation. Avoid taking diuretic herbs when in an acute inflammatory state.
These are the kidney herbs I use the most in my practice.
Very strong and effective purifier, always take alongside demulcent herbs. Also has tonic and astringent properties, which makes it great in the treatment of incontinence. High in silica which is great for bone, hair, and nail health.
Effective diuretic, very helpful to get rid of excess water. It also stimulates the menstrual process. Avoid during pregnancy.
Great diuretic with loads of other properties! Natural anti-histaminic, rich in iron, astringent. Great tonic overall to support the whole body.
Besides being a diuretic, this herb is also an anti-inflammatory urinary antiseptic. These properties make it useful in the treatment of cystitis, urethritis, and the like.
This is one of the most valuable diuretics. It is highly effective and is rich in Potassium, a nutrient that is usually washed out by synthetic diuretics. Isn’t Nature just so efficient?
Celery seed
These seeds are not only diuretic but also an effective urinary antiseptic. They are great in treating rheumatic conditions, arthritis, and gout. They work better when combined with dandelion.
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