Jessica is a natural health therapist who discovered her love for natural healing when she traveled to Australia in 2012, where she learnt about the power of a healthy diet and lifestyle in curing ailments. After traveling to Ireland in 2014, she enrolled in The Irish School of Herbal Medicine where she was amazed by the accuracy of iridology in individualizing imbalances within the body and mind. Hence attained the Diploma in Iridology and Nutrition in 2016. The same year, Jessica started practicing iridology at the Waterford Centre of Health and Wellbeing. Jessica also continued her studies at The Irish School of Herbal Medicine, where she graduated as a Master Medical Herbalist in 2018. She has been practicing Herbal Medicine since then.

As a natural healing therapist, Jessica provides personalized advice on nutrition, natural therapies, lifestyle and stress management, as well as specifically formulated herbal remedies that will specifically address your individual needs.

Jessica Currenti MH, Ir
Master Herbalist, Iridologist and Nutriotionist.
Member of the Irish Association of Master Medical Herbalists.

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