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Cowslip and Primrose: lovely spring remedy to calm the nerves and support the airways.

Cowslip and Primrose are beautiful early spring flowers that we have the pleasure to see decorating meadows, woodlands and roadsides. They belong to the same family (Primulaceae) and used to be very common, but suffered a recent decline mainly due to the loss of the grasslands where they grow. Luckily, they are still quite widespread […]

Natural Remedies for Coronavirus

Unfortunately, there are no known pharmaceuticals or herbal remedies known to stop or cure Coronavirus. However, it is possible to improve your general health and to boost your immune system in order to improve the immune response against viral infections by means of herbal remedies and through healthy nutrition and lifestyle. There are several antiviral […]

The amazing properties of Cayenne Pepper

Are you aware of the amazing properties of Cayenne (Capsicum frutescens)? This amazing herb is an incredible help for the whole circulatory system. It regulates the blood flow, equalizing blood pressure, and strengthening the heart, capillaries, arteries, and veins. In fact, Cayenne is a circulatory stimulant, meaning that it feeds the necessary elements into the […]