Herbs to enhance fertility

As a natural healer, I often get clients looking for fertility treatments. I can honestly say that herbal medicine is usually very effective for fertility enhancement since I had clients conceiving and having a baby a short time after receiving treatment from my clinic. Nevertheless, it is essential to understand that, in order to be effective, the herbal treatment must be accompanied by an improvement in nutrition and lifestyle. In fact, very often the reason why women cannot get pregnant has a lot to do with excessive toxicity in the body, poor nutrition, high stress levels, etc. rather than a disfunction. 

Excessive toxicity is a big factor, especially bowel toxicity can easily affect the uterus, so constipation must be addressed. However, even a person with regular bowel movements can carry a lot of toxins in their body because of many factors, so it is always good to start any herbal treatments with a detox. This can easily be done through detoxing herbs and the correct diet.

Poor nutrition is a huge factor to address when promoting fertility. In fact, if the body doesn’t receive the right nutrients to support itself, how can we expect it to develop and sustain another human as well? Many people don’t realize that their diet is lacking nutrients, and taking synthetic supplements might not be the answer since the body might not be able to absorb them properly. It is always better to make sure that we get the right bioavailable nutrients through our food. Therefore getting a consultation to understand what should be removed or added to your diet can be of great help.

Lifestyle is also an essential issue to think about, especially stress can greatly affect our system negatively. It is enough to think about the large number of women who fell pregnant after adopting a baby, despite the fact that they fought infertility for years, to understand how big a factor it is.

In my consultations, before providing personalised herbal remedies, I cover all these issues and more, providing all the helpful tips to help my clients to strengthen and nourish their bodies.

In terms of remedies, this is a list of the herbs that I often use in my practice to enhance fertility or to treat female complaints.

  • Vitex Agnus Castus (Chaste Tree berry) – Fantastic hormone balancer that I very often use in my practice to treat a variety of female complaints, and to boost fertility as well.
  • Angelica sinensis (Dong Quai) – This is an amazing herb to use when treating infertility, as it is a great uterine tonic, it balances hormones and increases the chances of fertilization.
  • Passionflower – This herb is great to calm the nervous system and relieve anxiety, and in my practice, I found it very helpful to treat PMS and other female complaints. It can also be used to promote fertility.
  • Black Cohosh – Great remedy for many female complaints and for stimulating the reproductive system.
  • False unicorn root – Extremely powerful fertility enhancer, but it should only be used with caution once the body is ready to support a pregnancy.
  • Red Clover – Amazing cleanser, it improves circulation and also supports women’s fertility being an estrogen precursor. 
  • Raspberry leaf – This is a fantastic herb that I use in my Women’s Tea preparations to help strengthen and support the womb.
  • Maca – Great herb to boost nutrition and balance hormones.
  • Gotu Kola – This herb has many benefits, but it can also be used by men to enhance fertility.
  • Damiana – Can be used by both men and women to regulate hormones and enhance fertility.

Herbs can have contraindications and interactions, so I always recommend consulting a training herbalist whenever you decide to go through the natural healing root.

In my consultations I offer 

  • Iridology (reading of the iris of the eye)
  • Nutrition Advice
  • Stress Management and Lifestyle Advice
  • Natural Therapies Advice
  • Discussion about Herbal Remedies to suit individual needs. If the client agrees to buy the herbal remedies, they will be individually designed and formulated for each client.

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