Marshmallow (Althaea officinalis)

Have you ever heard of Marshmallow? This is the plant that gave the homonymous confections their name! While today marshmallows are made up mainly of sugar, water, and gelatin, originally they had the sap from this plant as one of their main ingredients and were also used as medicine. In fact, the root and the leaf of this plant are some of the best demulcent (antiinflammatory) remedies available. Being incredibly soothing for any irritation anywhere, I use it whenever there is a need to calm inflammation in the body, either internally or externally. I remember the first few times using Marshmallow I was so surprised by how well it works!
It is also quite versatile, so it can be added to any formulae I prepare (tinctures, powders, or teas).

I find it incredibly useful to have some Marshmallow tincture available at home for whenever I feel any inflammation coming up in my body, so I always recommend it to clients with a tendency towards recurrent infections such as UTIs (urinary tract infections), gastritis, respiratory tract infections, irritating coughs, tonsillitis, etc. It is a very efficient preventive remedy, but also extremely helpful for whenever an infection is already present, to be taken for soothing the inflammation alongside medications.
essential oils hazel soulFor external use, I like to prepare Marshmallow ointments to be applied to the skin whenever needed (ideal for skin irritations, eczema, small wounds, etc.), but fomentations (applications of hot packs) work well too.

Marshmallow is generally safe, but like most herbs, it has a few interactions.

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