The approach of a Master Herbalist is vitalist and holistic.

A vitalist approach revolves around the concept of Vital Force (also called Chi, or Prana), that is the energy or power which animates all living creatures. The purpose of the healer is not, as many might think, to override the body or it’s reactions, instead assist it to recover itself as everyone has the power within themselves to heal oneself. This means that your Master Herbalist is going to assist your own innate adaptive ability by cleansing, nourishing, and strengthening your body, so that your Vital Force gets stronger.

Moreover, it is just as essential to treat a client emotionally and spiritually. The Mind-body connections are fundamental to healing, as stress and negative emotions affect our inner core, undermining our well-being. This type of approach to treatment, which considers an individual as a whole, rather than just on a physical level, is called holistic.

As a result, a Master Herbalist is not going to treat the symptoms, but the individual on a core level by focusing on the individual’s strengths and weaknesses, their emotions and outlook towards life. By addressing the underlying issue, the healing can really occur.

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Master Herbalism and Iridology

Iridology is the reading of the iris of the eyes. Structural signs in the iris point to the key areas of the emotional and physical health of a person that may need attention, and suggest specific methods of treatment, as well as a particular diet and healing regime for each patient.

The Master Herbalist uses iridology as an assessment tool that helps to take into consideration the organism as a whole, including the strict connection between mind and body, giving a unique insight.

The client will, therefore, receive personalized advice regarding nutrition, natural therapies, lifestyle and stress management. Furthermore, iridology can point out the areas of the body that need strengthening and detoxification. The Master Herbalist will be well guided in designing tailored herbal remedies that will be specifically formulated to address your areas of need.

This translates in a treatment that is ideal for everyone as it helps in coping with stress, achieving a natural and healthy lifestyle, and in finding the right balance for the mind and body by cleansing, nourishing and strengthening the whole organism.


Herbal medicine is particularly helpful to find relief from any chronic condition, but we can safely say it is indicated for literally any kind of ailments because a Master Medical Herbalist treats the individual not the disease. Having a completely different approach to allopathic (western) medicine, natural healing doesn’t focus on the symptoms but on the person and brings about healing by cleansing and strengthening the body, as well as by addressing underlying issues.

A Master Medical Herbalist will always be an assistant to your own vital force, restoring balance so that, in simple words, your organism can heal itself. You have an extraordinary healing force inside you. Your body is constantly struggling to recuperate health, therefore by assisting the body’s natural responses, rather than suppressing them, and by addressing the root cause of your condition you can achieve healing. Herbs are an amazing ally that nature gave us to do so!